I believe that styling is not about dressing up, but about dressing down. 

The beauty lies in the absence of unnecessary decoration. Focus on the person itself, not on the wrapping. Therefore I'm looking for a style that is based on simple and clean lines and forms, without distraction. Pure silhouettes, that communicate through the fabric, the details and the art of photography.  

With the background of a fashion design study, I'm trying to work conceptional within my team. Always looking for the one and only picture of the day. I don't sell the clothes I'm putting on the model, but trying to communicate the emotion I had while doing this. 

I get inspired by the pure and simple aesthetic of different artists and designers like Jil Sander, Calvin Klein, Céline, Hermès or Raf Simons. Always looking for new desingers with the same approach for design. In the end it's all about finding the right tools to express an idea of how much more getting dressed can be.